When will I get paid?

We start processing your payment after the buyer receives the tickets.

As soon as we confirm the buyer received the tickets, we'll send you an email to let you know. Once we begin processing your payment, how quickly you receive your payment depends on the payment type:

o   PayPal - Up  to 5 business days to appear in your PayPal account

o   Check - Up to 12 business days to receive your check by mail

o   Team account credit - Varies based on your team (We process team account credits on the 15th of each month.)

o   Charity donations - Your charity will send you a receipt for tax purposes

You can check the status of your payment at any time.

Tips for fast payment

o   Use Instant Download - If available, upload your ticket PDFs or enter your ticket barcodes when you list your ticket to make your tickets available to buyers for delivery by Instant Download. Because buyers get their tickets within minutes of ordering, we can start processing your payment sooner.

o   Use PayPal - Use PayPal instead of receiving a check. Just be sure the email address you use for your StubHub account is added to your PayPal account. Not only is electronic processing faster than sending paper checks, it is also more secure. You can also get a PayPal Debit Card to have instant access to your money. For more information, visit www.paypal.com.

o   Update your contact info - To avoid delays in receiving your check, make sure your payment contact information is correct.

Things that can delay your payment

o   Check payments are sent by First-Class Mail. When you receive your check depends on where you live and the United States Postal Service.

o   If you don't already have a PayPal account, it takes a few days to set one up while PayPal verifies your bank account. For information on setting up a PayPal account, visit www.paypal.com.

o   If you've checked your payment status and still haven't received your payment within 12 days, please contact us.

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