My tickets are listed. Can I change them?

If you've made a mistake and your tickets haven’t sold yet, you can delete, deactivate or change your listing at any time.

Remember: You’re responsible for the accuracy of the information in your listings. Always double-check the information the ticket details before listing them.

Under My tickets on the StubHub home page, click Listings to see your current listings. (You may need to sign in.)  Now, you can make changes to your active listings:

  1. To edit the price, click the pencil next to the Buyer Sees price.
  2. To deactivate or delete a listing, change the dropdown below the price.

Note: If you edit the quantity or seat numbers and  you already uploaded PDF tickets or entered barcodes for those tickets, you'll need to re-enter the ticket barcodes or upload your tickets again.

Important: Do not post false, inaccurate, misleading, obscene, defamatory, or fraudulent information. Listings that do not conform to these standards may be removed without notification. If a buyer purchases tickets from a listing containing inaccurate or incomplete information, the buyer may cancel the sale and you will be held liable for additional charges we incur to satisfy the buyer under the terms of our FanProtect™ Guarantee for buyers.

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