How much does it cost to list?

Listing tickets on StubHub is free! There are absolutely no startup, registration, or membership fees for using

When your tickets sell, we may collect a fee on the ticket sale. We'll deduct this fee automatically before we send your payment. Be sure to keep this in mind when deciding on the sale price of your tickets. As long as you successfully fulfill all of
your responsibilities as a seller, this is the only fee you'll ever pay on StubHub.

For example, if the fee is equal to 10% of the total amount of the sale and you sell a pair of tickets at $51.75 each, for a total ticket price of $103.50, the 10% fee (rounded up to $5.18) will be subtracted from each ticket. The total fee will equal $10.36 and your payment will equal $93.14.

Your fees

Per ticket price                                  $51.75
Fees                                                        x 10%
Fees per ticket (rounded up)          $5.18

Quantity                                                   x 2

Total fees                                          $10.36

Your payment

Per ticket price                                  $51.75
Quantity                                                   x 2
Total ticket price                           $103.50

Total fees                                         -$10.36

Your payment                                  $93.14

Our fees help us maintain a safe, secure place for fans and allow us to continually innovate new features and services for buyers and sellers.

For more information, read about our FanProtect™ Guarantee.

Using Last Minute Services (LMS)
As with other sales methods on StubHub, listing tickets with LMS is free to the seller. You only pay a fee if your tickets sell. If you're using LMS, you are responsible for any shipping fees involved in getting your tickets to the LMS Center handling the ticket sale. Or, you can drop them off in person.

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